Sagging skin and wrinkles on your face are some of the most obvious signs of age. Until recently, the only ways you could fight the effects of time on your facial appearance involved injections or surgical facelifts, with results that too often resulted in an obvious, unnatural appearance.

Skin Tightening from Abeo MedSpa offers you another safe & effective option. Abeo MedSpa’s Skin Tightening treatment uses clinically-tested infrared and radio frequency (RF) energies to stimulate healthy collagen remodeling inside your skin, to tighten sagging skin and naturally fill in wrinkles at the jaw line, around your eyes, at your brow line and around your mouth and cheeks.

Unlike treatments that paralyze or mechanically tighten your skin, our Skin Tightening stimulates natural, healthy processes inside your skin that make it look and act younger and firmer, the way it used to be.

After as few as three skin tightening treatment sessions spaced three to four weeks apart, wrinkles start to fill in and sagging skin tightens up and return to its original contours. The benefits of Skin Tightening treatments can last as long as two years.


The infrared and radio frequency (RF) energies penetrate the surface of your skin to heat the collagen inside your skin and promote collagen remodeling over time, while immediately promoting skin tissue tightening as a result of deep heating. The treatment head actively cools the surface of your skin to minimize or eliminate any heat-related discomfort during the skin tightening treatment process. The cooling factor of the treatment head is adjustable to each individual client's heat sensitivity..
Collagen is a key component of your skin's elasticity and firmness. Once collagen remodeling is promoted by Skin Tightening treatments, skin becomes naturally more elastic and firm, filling in wrinkles and bringing sagging areas back closer to their original contours.


Unlike plastic surgery, Skin Tightening is non-invasive and does not involve any breaks in the surface of your skin, so it does not present an infection risk or require any recovery period. Your Abeo MedSpa Skin Tightening specialist will ensure that any concerns are identified before treatments begin to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the skin tightening process.

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